How To Create A Backup Of Your WordPress Site

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your website crashes (WordPress site) out of nowhere and all the information and media files got deleted, what will you do? In this article, I’ve covered the topic of how you can backup WordPress site as We bloggers, moderators, and website admins need to think about it since we work and use web servers for storing our website’s precious hard-worked data online on different servers and hosting providers. And whenever there is an error or issue on the server, there is a chance of loss of data of our website or blogs.

How to Backup WordPress Site

In the WordPress website, there are chances when you upgrade or degrade any of the plugins/ themes your website may become unresponsive. Or there are chances your site gets hacked, or something turns out bad while updating a theme package or plugin, or even your hosting server crashes due to virus or something, and you instantly lose everything you stored on your WordPress website.

Today, in this tutorial, I’ll guide you step by step on how to do a backup of WordPress site in 4 simple steps. These steps can be used to backup WordPress site hosted on any hosting service provider quickly and use it whenever you face the problems mentioned above.

UpdraftPlus Plugin

install updraft plugin
Source: UpdraftPlus

Quick Overview:

If you are looking to do the backup of WordPress site for free, then this UpdraftPlus plugin is undoubtedly for you. And you still get an option to upgrade to the Premium option. UpdraftPlus has over 14 million downloads worldwide and is the highest-ranked and most trusted backup plugin in 2020.

This plugin will also backup WordPress database along with all the posts, media’s and any other files you have stored online.

UpdraftPlus plugin UI is straightforward and clean and very easy to set up and backup WordPress website. It works like a charm while when you are doing a backup of WordPress site and uploads the data directly into the cloud. UpdraftPlus plugin gives you an option to select storage, too, or even you just want to download the backup data to your computer.

Cloud Storing options include:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Updraft Vault
  • Amazon S3
  • Email, and more

Moreover, you can set up an automatic scheduled backup of WordPress site instantly from your WordPress website control panel. Let’s dig in.

Step 1: Installing UpdraftPlus

Go to your WordPress website dashboard, and then head over to Plugins > Add New.

wordpress plugin install

Now on the right-hand side, you’ll find the Search Bar. Type in UpdraftPlus and then click Install Now > Activate, inside wordpress backup plugin.

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Once done that.

Step 2: Setting up UpdraftPlus

Now, we are going to set up UpdraftPlus to backup the WordPress site from the WordPress dashboard menu.

Go to Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups.

This will open a new page inside the wordpress dashboard where you can customize your “UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin” to suit your backup preferences.

Now in the Current Status tab, you’ll find the Backup Now button. Click on it to start the backup of WordPress site process.

wordpress dashboard backup, backup wordpress site,

Once the process completes, you can either download the manual backup to your local computer or automatically upload it to the remote storage.

Step 3: Configure Scheduled Backups

To save your time and hassle of remembering to manually backup WordPress website. Now to set up an automatic scheduled backup WordPress database routine from your website dashboard.

Go to the Settings tab on the UpdraftPlus page.

use a wordpress backup to build a site, wordpress dashboard backup, wordpress database backup, backup wordpress site

Here you option to select or schedule automatic or manual backup.

Step 4: Remote Storage

The UpdraftPlus backup plugin allows you to backup your WordPress site easily on different remote locations, as shown in the image below. To do so, head over to Settings tab and scroll down there; you will find Choose your Remote Storage location option.

updraftplus wordpress backup, wordpress database backup, technoverse

Next, click on any remote storage location option and proceed with the onscreen instructions to set up remote backup storage.

Final thoughts on How to Backup WordPress Site in 2020 for free

If you are looking to backup of WordPress site for free, then the “UpdraftPlus” plugin is a must. It ensures that your website remains safe even in any uncertain circumstances where you happen to lose your website data.

Are there any better plugins you would recommend to backup your WordPress site for free? Please suggest and share your recommendations with us in the comments section below.

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