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How to Change Default Search Engine On Microsoft Edge

The predefined design to adapt and use the Chromium Web Browser on Microsoft Edge has already started paying off to the tech giant Microsft. Everyone in the industry, from users to experts, has started appreciating the Microsoft Edge browser as the sole competitor of Google Chrome.

Microsoft’s Edge browser offers better, and longer battery life uses less RAM, and also has a built-in anti-tracking system, unlike Google’s Chrome Browser.

But if you are looking to Change Default Search Engine on Microsoft Edge, you have to go through several loops. So, to make it a lot easier for you, we will help you with our simple guide to change the default search engine on Edge from Bing search engine to Google Search engine or any other you prefer.

Change Default Search Engine on Microsoft Edge

Recently, Microsoft has made it trickier and harder for users to change default search engine option in its web browser setting. For now, the company has packed it under the Privacy settings – unlike Google, where the option is available to you right at the main page.

Let’s dig in

Step 1:

To quickly head over to the Microsoft Edge’s Search Engine settings page, copy and paste the below address in Microsoft Edge address bar.


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Step 2:

Once, here click on the very first drop-down menu on the right-hand side and change it to Google or any search engines you would like to use.

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Step 3:

And that’s not all, and you also need to change the “Address Bar” option to use Google search instead of Bing search. Once done that, search on new tabs will take you to the default address bar by Edge default.

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Change Bing to Google on Microsoft Edge Browser

So, now you know how you can change default search engine on Microsoft Edge easily, which is build on the new Chromium of Microsoft Edge’s browser. Anyway, this was all from us, do let us know in the comment section if you face any difficulty in changing the search engine in the browser.


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