What is Content Delivery Network and its Benefits?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a way of increasing website or blog speed. As you all know, website loading speed is one of the crucial things nowadays. If your site loads slow, users won’t visit it much.

Whenever you ask an expert on how to increase website speed, they will recommend you use a CDN. CDN is the faster content delivery network, and one of the easiest and quickest ways of improving the website or a blog loading speed.

Now, if you look upon the internet, some significant websites like Gtmetrix, Google page speed, and Pingdom also advise you and all the webmasters to use a CDN to improve your site performance.

What is a Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is most of the time used to reduce website loading time.

If your site/ blog takes a long time to load, then users will refrain from visiting your site because of your blog speed, and for that, you need CDN.

Benefits of CDN, Content Delivery Network

Now let me explain to you by giving an example on What is Content Delivery Network and what are the benefits of CDN and How CDN works?

Usually, bloggers or any website users use a shared hosting plan for their website, and all of our files are stored in a datacenter. For example, my blog data are stored in the North America Datacenter of Royalclouds. If any users want to access my website, then the request will be sent to my blogs’ datacenter in North America, and then my blog will load on the user’s device.

And this is the actual cause of slow website loading, including other primary website causes.

How Content Delivery Network (CDN) Works?

CDN has its data center around different geographical locations. When a website uses Content Delivery Network, and if a user opens the website, the user can access your website like images, from the nearest data center of the CDN network.

This reduces ping and simultaneously reducing website loading speed. Now by using any CDN network, your website will load faster than before.

CDN is a kind of content replication method where your website data is copied to different geographical locations on different servers. Below is the map representation of the CDN data server around the globe.

how Content Delivery Network works

Moreover, using CDN positively affects your website SEO.

What is the advantage of CDN

There are numerous benefits of content delivery network like improving website speed, increase in Website ranking, improve SEO, and, most importantly, it will save your money on bandwidth.

1. CDN Improves Website Ranking

Google already released an update stating that page load speed is one of the factors of search engine rankings, and now with the help of CDN, you can quickly speed up your website speed.

2. Reduce Hosting Cost

If you guys are using any dedicated VPS Hosting, you know how high are the hosting charges. But by using the Content Delivery Network, you can quickly low down your hosting cost. All of your website data will be coming from CDN data servers, so it will dramatically reduce your hosting bandwidth charges.

3. Handle High Traffic

Whenever your site receives high traffic, sometimes your hosting might throw an “internal server error” or “database error” to your website visitors. So to get rid of it, CDN is recommended as it can handle that huge traffic and minimize website downtime issues.


There are both Free and Paid CDN service providers on the internet. And the most recommended one is Cloudflare and Amazon CloudFront to boost your website performance.

I’m already using a Free CDN from Cloudflare, and in my next article, You will learn how to Setup a CDN on your website.

If you have any doubts or problems on What is CDN and Benefits of CDN and How Content Delivery Network works. Comment below if you are using any other CDN, and is it useful or not.

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