How to Download Video from WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp lets you send messages/ video messages and other files for free. But there are times when you send some files like PDF, image, or be it a video you are not able to download video from WhatsApp web. This is because sometimes, some function doesn’t work correctly on chat platform while transferring media files. So to Fix WhatsApp Web Not Downloading Files, here’s a quick fix on the WhatsApp Web video download option disabled function issue.

Download Video from WhatsApp Web

Now, that issue can be due to several different reasons, but you can try this quick fix to get rid of it.

If you are getting issues with downloading files from WhatsApp Web and it is currently not downloading any media files, then here are some of the quick web WhatsApp fixes that you can try. WhatsApp has recently introduced the WhatsApp Advanced Search feature, Know more here!

Steps to Fix and Download Video from WhatsApp Web

So to fix Web WhatsApp download error – below are the tips to fix:-

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1. Check your Internet Connection

The very first thing you need to do is check if your system is connected to the internet or not. Sometimes, the internet might now be working on your PC, and as a result, you are not able to download the media files.

2. Disable Adblocker

Disable adblocker, if any. Most of the time, adblocker are the main reasons that are stopping you from accessing the media files you need. If you are using adblocker to block ads on different websites, then you might want to whitelist

3. Adjust Date and Time

The very next thing you should be checking is the date and time on your PC. If the date & time are not correct, adjust it to the current timings in your time-zone.

Note: Your PC Date and Time are crucial and should match the Date and Time set on WhatsApp Servers in your time-zone.

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4. Log out and Log in Again to download Video from WhatsApp Web

If the methods mentioned above are not working for you, then you should logout and login again on your WhatsApp web account. To do so, first of all, Open WhatsApp on your mobile and then logout from any active sessions from WhatsApp Web and see if the problem persists.

5. Clear browser cache and cookies

If logging out and log in again method does not work, then you should probably clear your browser cache and cookies. Most of the time, this is the issue of the browser’s cache and cookie file.

Note: This won’t delete any of your browser’s history or any browsing data, it will only delete temporary files that might be the cause of the web WhatsApp not downloading media files.

6. Restart your browser and PC

If the steps mentioned above didn’t work for you, then the last thing you should do is restart your browser and check if the problem persists. And, if the problem continues, then finally restart your PC, and now you can easily download video from WhatsApp web without any problem.

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