iPhone Myths You Should Ignore in 2021: Check Details Now

Know about iPhone Myths in 2021
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iPhones are among the most successful smartphones on the market. There is a valid explanation that so many people choose to buy one. Nonetheless, considering their prevalence, there are many other myths about the iPhone and misconceptions about the iPhone, many of which no longer exist today. When the world changes, so do our views.

iPhone Myths to ignore in 2021

Our expectations can change as well as the times. Here are a few theories about iPhones that should be debunked:

iPhones Myths 1: Only affordable by the Rich

This used to be correct since Apple used to sell flagship iPhones and the S-series, which were considerably more costly. This is no longer true for new iPhones, not only because they offer budget-friendly models such as the iPhone XR and iPhone 12 Mini, but also because phones from other manufacturers are much more expensive. Well now, it isn’t the case and so these iPhone myths are false.

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iPhone Myths 2: Malware-Resistant

Despite the fact that iOS is a closed system that is highly supervised and controlled by Apple, iPhones are still vulnerable to malware infection. Infected applications are also making their way to the App Store. In order to gain access to encrypted files, many of these apps will add their own root certificates. It is also important to understand how and when to uninstall malware from iPhone devices. iPhone myths clearly busted.

iOS Myths 3: Charge iPhone Overnight

Although modern phone battery are programmed to stop charging when they are complete, leaving them on full charge for an extended period of time (as is the case when left charging overnight) can be harmful to battery health. As long as you use a slow charger, charging your phone overnight is not harmful. Another aspect that can harm your iPhone’s battery is temperature.

This reduces the amount of time your iPhone is sitting on maximum charge by observing your use habits, so that when you wake up, your phone is just a few minutes away from being fully charged.

Myths 4: Obsolescence

Planned Obsolescence is a term used to describe the process of phasing out a product. Planned obsolescence refers to the intentional deployment of design defects that cause phones to be deliberately routed in order to compel consumers to purchase a new phone sooner. Given that Apple supports devices that are many years old, this is clearly false. In reality, the iPhone 6s, which was launched in 2015, is still supported by the most recent apps.

So, what are your thoughts on all of these iPhone myths mentioned above? Do you believe them anymore? And do you believe there are any other facts about iPhones that you believe are incorrect?

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