How to Speed Up WordPress Site

Learn How to Speed Up WordPress site and reduce website loading time? And, do you want to know how to optimize WordPress website speed?

Well, you are at a definite place, here in this article I’m going to share some tips and explain how to speed up website load time. And this will help your website to open fast on any network and server better to readers or your customers.

As you all know that different individuals have different mindsets and varied requirements, the same goes for website development.

In this article, I’ll be explaining how you can speed up WordPress website it might be:

  • Blog
  • E-Commerce or WooCommerce website
  • Company Website
  • Learning Management System website

Speed Up WordPress Site

I’ll try my best to suggest a free plugin, but if you can spend some bucks, then you can go for this awesome plugin goes by name¬†WP-Rocket. This is one of the best paid WordPress speed optimization plugin in 2020.

But if you are someone who is experienced and has some coding knowledge, then you should focus on to speed up your WordPress site technically.

But for all those newbies who are just looking to how to speed up website quickly, then I’ll suggest WP-Rocket plugin for your WordPress website. It will speed up your WordPress site with only a few clicks, you can check on WordPress speed test website for more tips to increase WordPress slow website speed.

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Speed up WordPress site

Before we start to optimize WordPress speed

Now, before we start to optimize your WordPress website speed, you need to measure the current website opening speed of your WordPress website.

There are some free speed testing tools that you can use to measure the speed of your website like:

Now download the result or take a screenshot of it. Once done, optimizing speed compare before and after-effects.

Points to Consider

Always take a backup copy of your website before changing anything on your website. Making a backup of your website adds a safety point; if something goes wrong, you can always revert to original settings.

For more details on –¬†how to take a backup of your site.

Why do we Speed up WordPress website?

Google has recently started ranking websites based on site speed, and if your website is not loading fast, then users won’t wait for it. They will choose another website over yours.

Optimize WordPress Speed

To optimize WordPress speed, you will need to do the following things:

  • Don’t use many WordPress plugins

We all know plugins are the most useful things for any WordPress website or blog, but these WordPress plugins can somehow slow down your site speed if you use too many plugins.

So, to get rid of slow site speed, try to use very few plugins on your website to optimize WordPress speed. And if there are plugins that you don’t use and your website can run without it, then go ahead and delete those plugins.

  • Optimize Images size

Images are also crucial for any website, whether it be a blog or e-commerce site, but if your site uses too many images in any articles, then there are chances your website might slow down.

The speedy and straightforward option is to use Online or offline image compression tools.

  1. Before uploading any image to your site, compress it offline or online.
  2. Use good image compression plugins.

Image compression and Lazy Loading your image can help you speed up WordPress website.

Use Fast & Responsive WordPress themes:

Suppose you are using any old or unresponsive theme, then its time to change your website theme right away. Now, most of the themes are designed to load faster and quicker.

All the current themes are now responsive and optimize as of google update.

So, these are some of the quick and simple tips that I suggest to speed up WordPress website. If you follow these rules mentioned above, then you can optimize WordPress Speed quickly and effectively. If you have any doubts feel free to comment on how to speed up WordPress site, then you can say in the comment section below.

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